To Prophecy in Eye of the World
Prophecy in The Great Hunt

Pg. 43
"The Tinker woman is going to die. . . I saw her face floating over her shoulder, covered in blood. It's never any more clear than that."

Leya, the Tinker woman, is killed when the Shadow attacks the camp of the Dragon Reborn.

Pg. 50
"Twice and twice shall he be marked,
twice to live, and twice to die.
Once the heron, to set his path.
Twice the heron, to name him true.
Once the Dragon, for remembrance lost.
Twice the Dragon, for the price he must pay."

Rand has herons branded into his arms twice, both times by Ba'alzamon, the second time, right before he proclaims himself the Dragon Reborn. As for the Dragons, he is marked as a clan chief once, which is to signify when the Aiel followed the Way of the Leaf when he goes to Rhuidean. He is also marked a second time by the Dragons of Rhuidean, but I don't know what price he must pay for it.

Pg. 93
"What does it mean that he shall 'slay his people with the sword of peace, and destroy them with the leaf? What does it mean that he shall 'bind the nine moons to his will?'. . . What 'wounds of madness and cutting of hope' has he healed? What chains has he broken, and who put in chains?"

He shocks the Aiel, or the People of the Dragon, by telling them that once Aiel were peaceful, and actually lived by the Way of the Leaf like the Tu'a'than. The Nine Moons is the Seanchan Empress, so at some point, the Seanchan will fall to him. I think the wounds of madness are the taint on saidin, which restores hope to males that can channel. I think he has put Aes Sedai in chains by making them swear fealty, and broke away for Aes Sedai leashes.

Pg. 96
"The Stone of Tear will never fall until the People of the Dragon come.

The People of the Dragon are the Aiel, and they attack the Stone of Tear when Rand arrives.

Pg. 99
"An Aielman in a cage, a Tu'a'than with a sword. A falcon and a hawk, perched on your shoulder. Both female, I think. And one more thing: If you meet a woman- the most beautiful woman you've ever seen-run!"

Perrin frees Gaul, an Aielman, from a cage where he had been held captive by some Hunters for the Horn. The Tinker with the sword is Aram, who is driven to abandon the Way of the Leaf when his camp is attacked by Trollocs.The falcon is Faile, later Perrin's wife, and I think the hawk might be Berelain, who at times courts Perrin, but it could be someone else.

Pg. 236
"Heart of the Dark. Ba'alzamon. Name hidden within name shrouded by name. Secret buried in secret cloaked by secret. Betrayer of Hope. Ishamael betrays all hope. Truth burns and sears. Hope fails before truth. A lie is our shield. Who can stand against the Heart of the Dark? Who can face the Betrayer of Hope? Soul of shadow, soul of the Shadow, he is-"

Ishamael poses as Ba'alzamon, which means Heart of the Dark, and pretends to be the Dark One. This is both the name shrouded within name and secret cloaked by secret. Ishamael is the Betrayer of Hope. I think this lie is the shield. Ishamael is the metaphorical soul of the Shadow, with the Dark One locked up.

Pg. 290
"She had dreamed of the Seanchan, too, women in dresses with lightning bolts woven on their breasts, collaring a long line of women who wore Great Serpent rings, forcing them to call lightning on the White Tower. And the dream about Whitecloaks binding her father's hands."

"There had been a dream of Rand, reaching for a sword that seemed to be made of crystal, never seeing the fine net dropping over him. And one of him kneeling in a chamber where a parched wind blew across the floor, and creatures like the one on the Dragon banner, but much smaller, floated on that win, and settled into his skin. There had been a dream of him walking down into a great hole in a black mountain, a hloe filled with a reddish glare as from vast fires below, and even a dream of him confronting Seanchan.

"Perrin with a falcon on his shoulder, and Perrin with a hawk. Only the hawk held a leash in her talons-Egwene was somehow convinced both hawk and falcon were female-and the hawk was trying to fasten it around Perrin's neck. That made her shiver even now; she did not like dreams about leashes. And that dream of Perrin-with a beard!-leading a huge pack of wolves that stretched as far as the eye could see. Those about Mat had been even nastier. Mat, placing his own left eye on a balance scale. Mat, hanging by his neck from a tree limb. There had been a dream of Mat and Seanchan, too, but she was willing to dismiss that as a nightmare. It had to have been just a nightmare. Just like the one about Mat speaking the Old Tongue.

Be'lal, among others, sets a trap for Rand around Callandor, the crystal sword, to claim it himself. When Rand goes to Rhuidean, he gets the dragons placed on his arms. I think the hole in the mountain is Shayol Ghul. As said previously, the falcon is Faile, and the hawk may be Berelain. Berelain has often tried to "leash" Perrin to her. Perrin is a wolfbrother, who can talk to wolves, and wolves will almost certainly fight in the last battle. Still don't know about Mat placing his eye on the balaance scale. He was hung on a tree in Rhuidean after going through the twisted doorway. He is prophecied elsewhere to marry a Seanchan princess, and he can supernaturally speak the Old Tongue.

Pg. 395
"Prophecy says when the Stone of Tear falls, we will leave the Three-fold Land at last. It says we will be changed, and find again what was ours, and was lost."

After the Stone of Tear falls, Rand takes the Aiel out of the Waste to fight for him. He also tells them that they once followed the Way of the Leaf.

Pg. 423
"Rand holding a sword that blazed like the sun, till she could hardly see that it was a sword, could hardly make out that it was him at all. Rand threatened in a dozen ways, none of them the least bit real. In one dream, he had been on a huge stones board, the black and white stones as big as boulders, and hihim dodging the monstrous hands that moved them and seemed to try to crush him under them.

The sword is Callandor, and the glow is the glow that Aes Sedai see when someone else is holding saidar, and Callandor, because it is so powerful, glows very strongly.

"She had dreamed of Perrin with a wolf, and with a falcon, and a hawk-and the falcon and the hawk fighting-of Perrin running from someone deadly, and Perrin stepping willingly over the edge of a towering cliff while saying, 'It must be done. I must learn to fly before I reach the bottom.' There had been one dream of an Aiel, and she thought that had to do with Perrin, too, but she was not sure. And a dream of Min, springing a steel trap but somehow walking through it without so much as seeing it. There had been dreams of Mat, too. Of Mat with dice spinning 'round him-she felt she knew where that one came from-of Mat being followed by a man who was not there-she still did not understand that; there was a man following, or maybe more than one, but in some way there was no one there-of Mat riding desperately toward something unseen in the distance that he had to reach, and Mat with a woman who seemed to be tossing fireworks about.

We already know the wolf, falcon, and hawk. I think Perrin is running from Slayer, who he fights with multiple times. I believe the cliff is when he is forced to enter Tel'aran'rhiod as a wolf to rescue Faile, but he does not really know what he is doing, and almost dies. I don't know about Min and the trap. The dice and Mat are his abnormal luck. The man following him that is not there is a Gray Man that is pursuing him. I don't know what he is riding desperately towards, and the woman with fireworks is Aludra, the Illuminator.

Men and women breaking out of a cage, then putting on crowns. A woman playing with puppets, and another dream where the strings on puppets led to the hands of larger puppets, and their strings led to still greater puppets, on and on until the last strings vanished into unimaginable heights. Kings dying, queens weeping, battles raging. Whitecloaks ravaging the Two Rivers. She had even dreamed of the Seanchan again."

I don't know about the people in the cage. The puppets are all the people manipulating other people, especially the Forsaken. The king of Cairhien, and probably the King of Arad Doman, has been killed. Morgase and Amathera, both queens, have wept at different times. Whitecloaks have not ravaged the Two Rivers, but they have occupied it. And the Seanchan return.

Pg. 445
"On the slopes of Dragonmount shall he be born, born of a maiden wedded to no man."

Rand is born of a Maiden of the Spear, a maiden married to the spear, on Dragonmount.

Pg. 553
"Nightmares of a Whitecloak putting Master Luhhan in the middle of a huge, toothed trap for bait. Why should Perrin have a falcon on his shoulder, and what was important about him choosing between that axe he wore now and a blacksmith's hammer? What did it mean that Mat was dicing with the Dark One, and why did he keep shouting, 'I am coming!" and why did she think in the dream that he was shouting at her? And Rand. He had been sneaking through utter darkness toward Callandor, while all around him, six men and five women walked, some hunting him and some ignoring him, some trying to stop him from reaching it, appearing not to know where he was, or only to see him in flashes. One of the men had eyes of flame, and he wanted Rand dead with a despeartion she could nearly taste. She thought she knew him. Ba'alzamon. But who were the others? Rand in that dry, dusty, chamber again, with those small creatures settling into his kin. Rand confronting a horde of Seanchan. Rand confronting her, and the women with her, and one of them was a Seanchan.

The Whitecloaks have not used Master Luhhan as bait yet, but they may. Perrin agonizes over using the axe or the hammer, but I don't know why it is important. Mat has "the Dark One's own luck.", and Mat rescues Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne when they are captured. The six men and five women are the remaining Forsaken, some of which want Rand to draw Callandor, and some who don't. The creatures are the Dragons of Rhuidean. Rand must defeat the Seanchan eventually. Egwene becomes the Amyrlin Seat, and the Seanchan woman is probably one of the freed damane.