Big Money was an excellent pop band from Sweden. They released two albums; 1992's Lost in Hollywood and 1994's Moonraker. With clever lyrics and a rich, polished sound, it's surprising that Big Money didn't make much of an impact in America.

Big Money consisted of two members, Big and VASA, and was produced by Michal B Tretow, who is best-known as a producer for ABBA.

Lost In Hollywood
1.  Rich and Famous
2.  Dining With Alice
3.  Flying Fish
4.  Why Do I Care
5.  Ruby Slippers
6.  Not Into It At All
7.  Without You
8.  Amazing
9.  Space
10. Still Missing
11. Snowman

1.  Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away (20-second intro)
2.  Give'm a smile
3.  Ugly
4.  Million Dollar Mouth
5.  Flabbergasted
6.  Eye of the Beholder
7.  The Last Man on Earth
8.  Pretentious Brat
9.  Braindead
10. Rich and Infamous
11. Silverscreen
12. Don't Let It End

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