Men Behaving Badly is a hilarious British TV comedy show first broadcasted in 1992 on ITV, then aired on BBC from 1994. Its main characters are Gary (played by Martin Clunes) and Tony (Neil Morrissey), two typical sexist blokes whose main occupations are going to the pub or having a pint in front of a football match.

Gary is in a long term relationship with Dorothy (Caroline Quentin) whilst Tony lusts after Deborah (Leslie Ash) who lives in the flat above. Other characters include Anthea (Valerie Minifie) and George (Ian Lindsay)who work for Gary's security company. The first series also featured Harry Enfield as Dermot, Gary's first roommate, who subsequently left to travel around the world on a motorbike with a girl called Latitsia. The program ended in 1998 with 3 special hour long episodes. Altogether, it has won a total of 9 television awards.