After having convinced myself that this would be, like the last one, a really crappy New Year, I was pleasantly surprised.

I phoned one of my friends yesterday who said that her Mum's Boyfriend's Son was having a party and that it was quite posh, but a few of us could go. Before we set off, a fruitless 40 minute wait with my friend for a dealer who didn't show, I was looking pretty disheartened at the prospect of a load of 20 year olds who wouldn't speak to us (we're all 15). Within a few minutes of arriving, when we noticed the gigantic stacks of empties and the bag of suspicious substances on the floor, the hugely loud punk rock in the background, and a room full of cool looking cabbaged people, we noticed that we had crashed the right party.

Suffice to say that we met a guy who was 28, and had taken 10 years to get a degree. He spent about an hour resting his head on a table, and when I asked him what he had had, (expecting him to say "16 cans) he said "two pills". We also played the best drinking game ever in the world called "Big Booty" which works even when you have nothing left to drink.

I told my parents when I got in that I had drunk two bottles of alcopops.

Heh heh. Fools.

Happy New Year everyone.

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