GCSE Mock Exams Diary: Week 1

I'm now half way through my mocks and to be honest, I wish I was dead. Sitting in a cold school hall for hours on end trying to work out simultaneous equations is not fun, especially when there are people who I strongly suspect are the devil in human form who have been brought in to watch us. If this is the school trying to make us panic because we haven't been working hard enough, it's damn well working. I'm not sure if what they are asking for is what we have learned and forgotten, never learned in the first place, or simply if I am an idiot.

Exams taken this week:

And that's just the first week. Next week should be a little easier because we have only got a few more exams and then we get some study leave. I am looking forward to this like I look forward to getting out of that damn cold exam hall.

There is, as ever, some amusement to be found in the tests: Questions which beg for answers involving Wonderknife, Superman and Politicians. Unfortunately, they are few and far between, the highlight being:

Q: Apart from the heat causing photosynthesis to speed up, name another way in which a gas heater in a greenhouse will increase the rate of photosynthesis.
A: Because the heater will kill greenfly.

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I had originally intended to daylog every day this week but I haven't had time, so my writeup from December 2, 2002 has been deleted at my request. Some of it appears here.