GCSE Mock Exams Diary: Week 2

Although technically I haven't finished my exams (I have French listening this afternoon) I feel that when you have four hours to kill and the school's T1 connection to play with, noding is the only real option.

Exams taken this week:

I am currently still amazed that my brain has not imploded with the stress of these damn things but hey, they are almost over now, with the exception of the French Listening, which comprises in it's entirety, a whole load of people saying "You should listen, think, listen again, think again, and write down your answer". Because of course I am stupid, and I cannot listen to the teachers telling me the exact same thing five minutes before.

Still, hilarity once again ensued this week as I forgot to go to my French speaking test. This happened yesterday.

"What, Miss? I could've sworn it was tomorrow...

"No, Malcolm, it was today. About an hour ago to be precise.


Luckily, I got another slot to do it this morning.

Unluckily, I screwed it up, forgot my vocab, and spoke more German than French. It would appear that fate only shines brightly on me once a week. Some might say that I should have done more revision. They are probably right.

Oh well, I guess it could have been worse. The exams are nearly over, I have a four day weekend which I will inevitably spend sitting at home bored, and I have the Christmas holidays to look forward to. And I have a perfect first commandment if I ever want to start a religion: THOU SHALT NOT TAKE EXAMS.

Highlight of the week:

Q: What are some possible reasons for a person to take drugs?

A: People take drugs to make dance music bearable.

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