What is the rest of the world doing at this hour?

I'm not quite sure, but at this moment I think that I just had the best time of my life over the course of 35 minutes.

"Sex?" Some might wonder. "Drugs?" Others may question. "Rock and roll," still, people ponder.

Pardon the day-log... I'm not too keen on these things, only because they remind me of the infectious human emotions that are too toxic to place anywhere else in life -- save the psychologist’s couch with a swift one-hundred dollar an hour kick in the pants. But no -- I've got a story to tell.

It was an average night as far as evenings go here at Tennessee Technological University. Everyone all packed up and on their respective journeys to their native town. It's a suitcase college, what do you expect? Everyone goes home on the weekends. A lackadaisical evening of moving watching and popcorn eating... Random jokes involving the words "balls" or "homosexual" were being slung back and forth across the room during slow parts of the movies being watched. Van Wilder, Men in Black, and then Kids... all the movies went down as the memories of this evening. Comes one o'clock sharp and the evening is to end... but not just yet. Out of curiosity or stupidity, one -- I decide to ask my friend if he wants to go on a run. Yeah, that's right -- One o'clock in the morning and I'm curious if he wants to go put some mileage on the old running shoes. You have to understand, my friend and I were ancient cross country heroes back in the glory days of high school. Nostalgia or ignorance played their hand in the events that followed.

The a.m. air was crisp and full of nothing. Police sirens echoed in the background and bugs buzzed in the pallor of the late night street lights. This must have been the fastest two miles ever known to man. We hadn't run in over 4 or 5 months, yet it was as if we picked up as though no time had passed. Whilst out on our morning excursion we noticed that the SAE party was still kicking strong. With only a few moments hesitation we turned an about face and headed straight in. It doesn't take much to walk around like you've got a big cock at a party -- all you have to do is know one person. Such a person we knew, and such an opportunity we had to walk through this party filled with drunken women whistling and insecure men staring at the sweaty and tired bodies of these two men walking through the party. We chugged a beer, and gave a few woots, and off we went to finish our journey. All this, folks, in no more than 35 fateful minutes.

You see... It's not the time it takes to get from point A to point B; it's what happens in between. Our simple journey, the simple descision, the fact that there was no one around campus to tell us otherwise lead us in to this fateful night of post midnight antics.

Life is beautiful some days.