This is a bit of a moral/ethical conceit. If I had any more time I would put it into an actual node and think about it a little more, but anyhow...

A) My sister is a journalist. She went to a very prestigious University and paid over 30,000 dollars a year to enrich her life and neurons. Now, she's a reporter for a newspaper in Washington DC, getting paid less than she should, working more hours than most would ever think about. Getting back on track -- I talked to her today, and she's got a murder she's going to go cover. A murder folks. The day of this great celebration, the day that will life in infamy (well, the second one anyway), and someone is thinking about themselves -- so they plug a guy with a .45. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? I'm no patriot, or a flag hugger, but Jesus. What does it take to impress these people to just quit thinking about themselves for one second and focus on real life-long goals -- oh yeah, I remember, it took a few nutzoids reaming two tall buildings with 747's to get people to notice. The world is fucked up.

B) Yesterday was a normal day. Get up, get raped, take notes, and ask questions. I am a college student, and an engineering major to boot. While there were millions remembering our fallen comrades, I just went about my own business. Not so much because I didn't want to be considerate of those who lost their lives a year ago, but simply because life is relentless, and it's not going to wait up for me. Perhaps there's something wrong with a society that forgets so easily, or maybe that's just part of the healing process. Feh, oh well.

Merry Christmas. they killed a tiny piece of all of us