Raw emotion, not able to really express yourself because there are too many things flying about your head at once.

Being blown off, not really inclined to comment about it because you know that there's nothing you can do about it.

Losing something that means the world to you all over again -- indescribeable.

Sometimes emotions just jump up and drop kick you right in the teeth. Sometimes it's warrented, others it's just not fair. But I guess such is life -- it isn't "fair". Stupid day logs

I quit my fraternity, I shot the worst game of pool in my life, and once again -- it's another lonely day.

And there's no earthly way to describe it no matter how much I try. It only all sounds like teen angst BS. No matter how real any of this petty life feels, it's all worthless and means little of much of anything. It's a very slow, painfull death. I'm over that state in my life, I've reached stability... but have I really?

Are you depressed as fuck?

Yes... but you know, for the first time in my life -- I really don't know why.
Perhaps I just won't talk to her anymore -- she's almost made it clear that she needs nothing to do with me. I'm just detached from the situation, I'm just not around -- and thank God for that, because I'd be a lot worse off if I were in the same city. Man, crazy BS alive, nothing lasts forever.

That’s my rant… my raw unfiltered emotion. Here is better than nowhere – daylogs are as good as nowhere, but somehow giving meaning to all the collective pain, and angst, and loneliness in the world.

You shoot me in the heart one last time. Goodbye.