I look around, I look around. I see the same cries from different people about their lives.

In this godforsaken island, all we want is for someone to listen.

This brings me, once again, to the daylog. The daylog. What about it? What's going on in my life? Doesn't matter... what matters is everyone else wants for someone to hear their cry, see their pain... they want that one person that they cannot reach to find their message in a bottle. Maybe that would fix everything?

The same things that were happening decades ago were happening yesterday, happened today, will be happening tomorrow. This cycle never ends. Somehow, the issues will be different, the scenarios will be unique, the ideas will be new -- but in all actuality they're all the same... The same days happening all over -- just happening to someone else. I think my favorite motto is, "Things like this are happening all over the world... But somehow I think my situation is different, is more real -- just because it's happening to me."

There is something to be learned from these day logs... These shots in the dark -- these cries for help.

There is only hope when all hope is lost.

These people here are begging for the one person they've got in mind to happen across this concealed message and hear their plea. These people find piece of mind in throwing their ideas -- their most prized inner thoughts -- into oblivion (the internet). Millions of strangers thumb through people’s most prized possession -- their psyche. These folks don't know they are being penetrated by strangers. But because they are strangers they make the perfect candidate for confidence.

This type of honest only comes from a true stranger.

So what's my bag? What's my big little complex that's compelling me to ramble? For once in my life... it's nothing

I'm not concerned about the car I loved so much that I had to sell ----- I'm not worried about the mother that thinks I hate her ----- No sweat off my back about the ex-girlfriend for which the love I feel I harbor on a daily basis ----- No worries over the life in this town that seems to be falling in upon itself. This… burden will not be concerned with me.

Maybe I'm Zen... but I'm probably just stupid.