Onetime catch cry of 1980's pop band Wham, which featured public onanist George Michael and Where Are They Now Hall-of-famer Andrew Ridgley. This phrase was frequently seen printed in large capital letters on pastel sleeveless T-shirts, which were often worn in combination with Miami Vice jackets and/or fingerless gloves.

Funny, how this shiny, happy people veneer seen from a lot of musical identities in the eighties is in such stark contrast to the Seattle grunge of the nineties and the vaguely gothic posturing of this decade. Certainly the eighties had their musical rebels, just as the "naughties" have their Britney-like saccharine-pops. But the eighties! Eurythmics, Pseudo Echo, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, A-Ha, oh the humanity!

Isn't there some kind of back-handed irony to a pair of buffante stubble-faced lads in pastel pink jackets and pointy white boots urging the youth of the Decade of Greed to choose life? That kind of life? Really? Are you serious?

Wake me up before you go-go indeed.