1. Nuclear fission. While this is more chemical than physical, the fact is that everybody's going to bite the big U-235 one day. The principle by which uranium plugs release huge amounts of energy is therefore the most likely way that you will die in the next few years.

  2. Entropy. Sooner or later, thermodynamics is gonna get you and you'll crumble to a pile of dust. Disorganized dust, at that.

  3. Newton's 1st Law. Inertia. "What?" you ask. "Inertia is going to kill me?" Well, yes, it will. Ever been in a car accident? As you're flung through your windshield at eighty miles an hour, you'll realize why it's not great that an object (namely, you) in motion will remain in motion.

  4. Gravity. Good old 9.806 meters per second per second starts to get scary after about four seconds. I'd recommend jumping out of the plane just before it hits the ground.

  5. The law of conservation of energy. Although this one doesn't sound so threatening either, an electrical current coursing through your body, since it can't just dissipate, may change your mind. That, or how your brilliant invention to convert matter to energy in order to evolve the human race to a higher consciousness explodes and kills you. It's even more of a shame because you were right.

  6. Chaos theory. Hey, if a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can cause a hurricane in Tampa Bay, I'm sure it can find the flap that's just right to stop your heart from thousands of miles away. I'd advise you to move to Japan, just in case.

  7. Fermi's Paradox. (Also not strictly a law of physics.) Of course, this won't be a threat to you until it's suddenly, violently proven wrong; most likely it'll happen in a flash of bright green light.

  8. Quantum mechanics. It's a logical expansion of theories that Schrodinger's Cat will, after cats become virtually extinct, rapidly become Schrodinger's Human. From then on, you have both one hour and zero hours to live... but at least you'll find out what happens when there's a conscious observer inside the box.

  9. Hooke's law. Don't underestimate the risk of being flung into space by the Mighty Death Trampoline of the dark lord Kordok.

Just to be sure, I'm not coming anywhere near any part of reality which is affected by causality for the next few weeks.