One Hour Photo debuted at Sundance in 2002 and was enough of a hit to be released in semi-limited format nationwide. Robin Williams plays his third disturbed character in a row, following the critically flamed Death to Smoochy and the surprisingly good Insomnia. In One Hour Photo, Robin dyes his hair blond and works at a 1 hour photo booth in a mall in Middle America. Over his years of faithful service to the booth, he comes to know his customers personally.

The movie's action begins by revealing Williams' obsession with a suburban family (parents Connie Nielsen and Michael Vartan, son Dylan Smith) through their pictures. A full wall of his house is devoted to extra prints of their family photos. Williams fantasizes about being a member of the family, or a close friend. His psychosis takes control through the latter half of the movie, as he tries to make his dreams reality. Things spin out of control, and ... I've said too much already.

Anyway, OHP is an excellent film, well worth watching if you're in a major city. If not, it's worth bootlegging off your friend who videotaped it at Sundance.