Election Day. In America, anyway. After I got out of school, I headed right down to the polls. I'm only 16, and I can't vote. Due to a peculiar quirk in our civil liberties, I could vote right now if I lived in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. But not here.

But, anyway, I headed across town to the polling place. Since I'm going to be a candidate in two years, I figured I'd get a feel for the environment.

I conducted an exit poll, although I only got two votes. If I've learned one thing, it's that people really hate exit polls.

I met the two women who will most likely be running against me. I met people who wanted to elect Shannon O'Brien and people who wanted to elect Mitt Romney. I even met a handful of Jill Stein supporters. I met everyone in this district who's ever written a Letter to the Editor. I spend three hours talking to a Republican on a street corner. After an hour, he realized I was that kid he'd seen in the paper.

It's not a bad town. Soon enough it'll be mine.