No, he doesn't. Twiin's original writeup here asserted that:

This would place Hitler's Bacon number at a healthy 3, tied with such reputable stars as Charlie Chaplin.

Sadly, Adolf Hitler's "casting" in Rio Rita is little more than a voiceover of archived war footage, tragically. Rio Rita, a film unrelated to another film bearing the same title (released in 1923) regales the mid-World War II crowds with the exploits of Doc and Wishey, who prevent Nazi agents from smuggling bombs into the U.S.A. from a hotel situated on the Mexican border.

The Oracle of Bacon is imperfect; it also (through iMDB) claims that Hitler worked on the crew of Airplane!. More likely Hitler's Bacon number lies at infinity, although you never know how many East German propaganda-film stars escaped into America and became Julia Roberts.

Hitler's Actual Film Appearances:

  • Hitler über Deutschland (Hitler Over Germany) (1932)
  • Blutendes Deutschland (Bleeding Germany) (1932)
  • Sieg des Glaubens, Der (Victory Of The Faith) (1933)
  • Unser Führer - des Reiches Wiedergeburt (Our Leader - The Renaissance / Rebirth of the Reich) (1934)
  • Triumph des Willens (Triumph Of The Will) (1934)
  • Adolf Hitler - Wahlpropagandafilm (quite literally, Adolf Hitler - Election Propaganda Film) (1938)
  • Ewige Jude, Der (The Eternal Jew) (1940) (a speech)

He also shows up in innumerable War Department films from the '40s, but those don't count.

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Ichiro2k3 notes that Ronald Reagan has a Hitler number of 2, via Curt Bois.