For this particular issue of Tiananmen Square Massacre, I have several comments out of my personal experience.
First of all, I was there. I was living in Beijing and our apartment was on a very famous street near Tiananmen Square. I was attending high school that time. I saw the students who fastened for democracy movement, I saw ordinary citizens volunteered to help students, I was in the demonstrations when 1 million people gathered around May 17, 2000. I also know that part of the public transportation system stopped for almost one month in Beijing. There was violence, of course. Even, there was corruption among student leaders whose purposes were anti-corruption and democracy. (BTW, some of them managed to come to USA and get green cards, maybe with the donation money. )

Secondly, although I was there, I still did not know what was going on. The description in Tiananmen Square Massacre by Dman is almost accurate in the sense of "higher level". And I shall not repeat his. All and only I can tell you is what I heard, what I saw, and what I felt with my own senses. I heard the shooting at that unforgettable night. Because of the location of our school, we did not have class for one week (the only good thing). Stores on our street closed for one week, this was also historic, because the name of the street is Wangfujin (almost every Chinese knows what I am talking about). The son of our neighbor's was missing for two days because he was trapped somewhere when running for his life. Military helicopters flew over the city in and out of the square. Trucks, burned by violent protestors, remained on street for as long as several months. Soldiers came and lived in the neighborhood for a year. Too much to tell. Memory flashes back like waves.

Thirdly, It was an critical event. After almost 11 years, we did not talk about it again officially. What really happened and how it happened will not be revealed in near future. It was horrible, but not just like what American news said. There was a lot more.

Regarding the negative media exposure of Chinese government and CCP in USA, I get used to it and sick of it. In fact, I was not totally satisfied with what CCP did to China and the current situation in China. I admit, we are poor and underdeveloped. But, we are on our way to become strong and trying to make our people live better. (Maybe this is what some people are afraid of, a stronger China.) Most anti-Chinese press lacks of facts or just presents partial facts, if it is not distorting facts. Anyone, who attacks the "one child policy" and thus attacks China, should take a trip to China. All the anti-China measures will only make things worse for Chinese people, I mean, people, workers, farmers, .... (And, I don't think the politicians are thinking of Chinese people when they are making anti-China bills.)

As ordinary people, we don't know what is really going on. We listen to the radio, watch TV, read newspapers, and get information from our educational systems. The media are biased and so are we. The only way we can be less biased is to open our mind.