While I have always applauded Rockstar for continuing to make games which depict violence and reward bad behavior this effort seems half baked.

Yes I do enjoy the gore and scenes of violence the game just has this rehashed feel about it. The sound effect for picking up painkillers taken straight out of Grand Theft Auto III, the textures and skins are so Max Payne, which results in game play that feels like a first person sneaker mod of Max Payne 2.

The difficulty changes too much from the start to the later stages where the act of killing becomes monotonous and no longer exciting. AI is quite stupid although I suppose that was intentional to make the game enjoyable. Hunting humans in real life is probably more difficult, and so is killing someone with a plastic bag, at the very least it would take a bit longer than depicted in this game. The use of hooded hunters gives this game an 8mm vibe to it somewhat. The snuff aspect of the game does add to the experience butt I think it still does not come through as a truly stupendous effort that we have all come to expect of Rockstar. The game engine is very efficient though and even with dated hardware, the scenes of murder can still be satisfying.

3 out of 5 stars.