In the Kitchen Brigade, the Glacier is a dessert chef specializing in making ice cream.

In many brigades, this chef might be under the Patissier or if the operation is large enough, be a chef with a station all its own.

This chef can make you any flavor of ice cream that the pantry can provide, if you want garlic ice cream, the Glacier would gladly make you a batch. Under my training we have come up with a lot of weird stuff, considering that our instructors always encourage us to expand our minds, so well, I usually come to the kitchen high as a kite and all of my chefs love me so far.

The glacier, if he is also artistically inclined, may be also placed in charge of ice sculptures although most of the ice sculptors that I know do only that and are no culinarians themselves. They do get paid a good amount, like US$50 an hour here in my country. Consider that the minimum wage here comes out to just around US$150.00 a month!