Savignyplatz is billed as a trendy part of Berlin, in Charlottenburg and near the Ku'damm.

I only know it as an S-Bahn station on my way into (or out of) the city. Every Bahn line and every Bahnhof (train station) is a little different. The Savignyplatz station, though, is downright outstanding. The station itself is quite plain, but the brick walls to either side of it -- so you're right next to them when the train stops -- are covered in art and graffiti. One side has pithy quotes by famous German philosophers and bizzare artistic works focusing on man's cruelty toward nature. Some of them are even crafted to look like painted-over windows. And on the other side? Graffiti art and spraypainted messages like "reality crashed my brain".

It's a great place to ride through if you happen to be in the neighborhood.