The Boardinghouse Autobiographies

When I was an auctioneer I picked up such a list. At the time, it was adventitious to have such a thing and so it sat around and collected dust along with the audiometer that I had (I never got much into audiometry).

At the time, coeducation was just beginning to start and chivalrousness was the rave of the nation. Still, we didn't know where the boundaries where and thus failed to communicate (this caused some problems and eventual denunciation of college co-eds). Fortunately, a dialogue opened up between the people and a great time was had by all (do I need to mention that ejaculation was on the list?).

Far from being discouraged, we sought out a customizable abode where we could practice our enunciation (we had a housewarming too). There was a speech which we had to give on the evolutionary nature of euphoria (what will those odd public communication teachers think up of next?). This abode was modularized so that we each had our own place - it avoided many jealousies. After overhauling the interior for our varied persuasions, one of our group caught pneumonia (under questionable circumstances). Realizing our precarious position with paying the rent, we eventually sold the place and the list along with it.

The list eventually fell into the hands of the Sequoia revolutionaries where it remains today. There is much speculation about what these people wish to do with such a list - for all we know, it could be some strange sacrilegious ritual. Who knows, such unauthorized use of the list is unavoidable once it becomes available to all - ah, the wonders of telecommunication.

Still, it appears to be unprofitable to attempt to expand the vocabularies of people. Such a result seems to either be an unintentional byproduct or unobtainable.

Some context

The original writeup (now long gone) asked for help in creating a list of words in which all the vowels were found and listed obituaries as the only one found.

After a quick look at my system (with the exact same command as Cow Of Doom used above, I found a list of 292 words and proceeded to tell a story of such a list with words used in the list.

Please count yourself lucky that I didn't use my extended dictionary file (so I have a friend who is interested in large dictionary files and optimizing crypt - I just use it for crossword puzzles and cryptograms). This file contains 1428 words that fit the query including such oddities as Indoeuropean, atrioventricular, heteroautotrophic, pseudomedieval, ultracentrifugation... well, the list goes on and on.