So, you've read that ill fated scroll
You are being punished for your misbehavior! --More--
and now you are dragging that ball and chain all around. What you really want to know is - How do I get rid if this blasted thing?


  • Remove Curse:
  • Polymorph:
    • Something amorphous - you slip out of it
    • Something metallivorous - you eat it
    • A nymph - you remove it (#monster)
  • Open
    • Zap a wand of opening at the chain
    • cast knock at the chain
  • 'Friends'
    • Get a nymph to steal it from you
    • Get a monkey to steal it from you
    • Get a metallivore to eat it
  • Rube Goldberg
    • Use a pit near a boulder:
      1. push the boulder next to the pit
      2. get into the pit with the ball (note: full HP to avoid having it fall on you and kill you)
      3. get out of the pit with ball still in the pit
      4. push the boulder into the pit on top of the ball
    • Close the a drawbridge on the ball
  • Luck
    • Pray if it's the only thing wrong
    • Step onto a magic trap and hope for the remove curse effect