Game invented by Robert A. Kraus.
First published in the Playroom section of Games & Puzzles 71 in July/August 1978.

Neutron is a game for two players on a five-by-five board. The game starts with five white pieces on White's home row (one edge of the board), five black pieces on Black's home row, and the neutron in the center.

b b b b b
. . . . .
. . * . .
. . . . .
w w w w w 

Play begins with one player moving a piece from the home row. Thereafter on each turn, a player moves first the neutron and then one of his or her pieces.

The object of the game (any one will win)

  • Move the neutron into your home row.
  • Cause your opponent to move the neutron into your home row.
  • Block the neutron completely so your opponent can't move it.