About 12 hours ago (its now 4:30 am) a motley crew of mordel, Chaboud, Gone Jackal (and friend) (Myself, Ki and Dave (my brother) were already here) wandered down to the basement of Ping-Time for an odd evening of flying pimps, and Santa with a minigun (Tommy has been a good boy!).

Quick Quake match (and we were schooled by a girl!) followed by some Unreal Tournament (TacOps - aka "I want to be counterstrike") and then a game of Rune. 8:30 rolled around and we wandered over to Wasabi.

Debating the merits of 5 socially inept guys going to Karaoke or returning to Ping-Time for more gaming the decision was quickly made - back to the LAN.

A lengthy game of Age of Empires (with such wonderful taunts as "You played two hours to die like this?") was played... eventually I won.

Some Serious Sam... we played for quite some time (just got done). Chadoud and his knives - the flying Pimp Jackal, Santa, and "He's worth 10k points!" Mordel duked it out for... guys, 2 hours?! to finally have Mordel win.

And so now it winds down... we're all on E2.