Sitting down at the bar - the worries all left at the door. Failing leaving them at the door, it has the comforting realization that beyond those gates no action that you take will make them any nearer or further.

It is the time just to relax and be alone in a crowd. From the quite mummer of a Monday evening or Sunday afternoon where fellow patrons sit scattered apart and the jukebox plays the occasional 80's hit - to the noise of Thursday or Friday night where it is hard to raise a glass without bumping an elbow. Whatever the surroundings and atmosphere there is very little that exists outside of the world of yourself, the bar stool and that small part of the bar upon which your drink rests.

Slowly - savoring the taste and temperature you drink it. This is not the time for a shot to be tossed down quickly and left. Instead, this is the time for a slow pint or something to sip. Each sip slowly washing away the mental grime of the day away and clearing the mind.

This is the time for relaxing - not worrying about what tomorrow will bring or feeling jealous of the couple in the booth. Nor is it a time for gloating about how far ahead you are in the game of life. This time is for you - you alone.