And so I drove down El Camino Real - the street where everything changes. The directions are fair enough, a bit past San Antonio (road, not the city).. and I think its on the east side. So, I drove past it once. The street that I was expecting to see as the 'You've gone too far you dummy' I missed too - but thats because I was looking at it on the right hand side, rather than the left (for some odd reason, the streets like to change names as they pass over El Camino Real). Eventually I do a U-turn (its legal in Cali) and go back down to San Antonio and try again. This time I see the entrance to a place called "Bowl" as I go past it... can't make the right entrance, can I be naughty and go in the exit? Nope - a car trying to come out and a bike going past. Oh well. Around the block, and another pass - and I'm there.

Its always awkward being the first one to an E2 gathering, looking around for a bunch of people who are looking around for each other. I go up to the desk "I'm here for E2.." elicits the response "Huh?", so I try "The group I'm with... we don't know each other" is a bit better - "Ahh, you're with the Henderson's group". Now its my turn to 'uh'... "Uh, maybe... Is it at 4pm?" and he says "Yep, thats the only one we have reserved for. Kate called and said she'd be running late." Ahh! I do recall that Kate == factgirl and so I wait a bit. Other people eventually show up. First its rischi, and then bindlenix, ouroboros, khymchanur, lostandfound, and then others (I forget the order). All the while, we're getting asked by the guys working there "Do you want to start now?" Nope, we're still waiting for someone. Eventually factgirl shows up (and I was mighty disappointed (initially) as to her attire - she was wearing blue jeans! The only true reason to go has gone!). It should be noted that no rabidmonkey showed up, and its bell-wearing state is unknown.).

Just as we start bowling the alley undergoes a magical transformation from your normal every day boring bowling alley (sorry about the pun) to a disco type place. Smoke machine and disco balls start going. And then they play some odd music - like they had a big cd changer with country, disco, and classic rock in it. It should be noted, that this made it extraordinarily difficult to get a picture in (I hope they turn out). They had black lights too...

Girls, women, and guys who wear women's clothing... if you wear a thin shirt, and a white bra on underneath it, it will fluoresce under a black light. People will be able to see your bra (front and back) as it glows with a subtle purple that isn't that subtle anymore. Not that I look at these things... nope, I'm far above that. No-sir-re. Fortunately, Kate was amused by this and we tried to get a picture or two of it. Again, I hope the pictures turn out.

There were several people showing up about halfway through the second set of frames.

And there was a trophy! Full of Mentos, lesbians, monkeys... and Soy Man!. lost and found is now the proud owner of such a towering testament to his bowling prowess. He claims he hasn't bowled in 10 years.

After two sets frames we had the great food debate. Where do you go eat? Alas, the bowling alley's snack place was very sub-par, to the point of being almost non-existant.

After taking a general pondering of the immediate vicinity, we headed to University Ave for a place the misuba (the proud wearer of size 15 bowling shones) recommends - a classic American diner (he claimed it was law that you had to go to a greasy spoon after bowling). Once we get to University Ave in Palo Alto it turns out to be the end of a art festival - it was blocked off from the start. Fortunately we had agreed to meet at the closest reasonable point where El Camino intersects University Ave. 3 blocks later, I lead a small convoy (we got split up) to the only parking I know where it is in Palo Alto (if it was full, I would have been done for, for I know not any other parking) and we set out on foot to meet up with the rest. Unfortunately, we lost steev (who drove a city car share VW bug - neato!)

After gathering again, we go to the diner. It was packed. And thus we start our wandering (it reminded me slightly of San Diego and the quest for beer and karaoke... but this time, we were hungry too... and there was no softball team). Upon spotting Gordon Biersch (Gordon Biersch Palo Alto), we are able to get a table for 11 or so and sit down. Misuba, Ouroborous and I play a quick game of Icehouse, hoping to invoke the waitress rules. No such luck, and the second game never started because of the appetizers arriving.

Food was eaten, conversations were had.

Yes, that sounds a bit oversimplified, but I am at a loss to recall all of the various discussions that we had...

Eventually, we got done with dinner, came fairly close to paying the bill on the first pass (it was a big bill).

Upon wondering if we're too stuffed for desert or not, akasha informs us all that she has cheesecake (yes, go read her recipe) in her car. (upon glancing at her homenode, it frightens me to note she lists "known to cause diarrhea" amongst her specialties). And thus, we enjoy the flavor of cheesecake mixed with exhaust fumes (it was an underground parking lot). Hey! I just noticed... there are cherries listed in that recipe! But none on the cake!

And so, we drive off in different directions, and I head back to work to write this... And now off to bed.