Deep down in everyone's heart, it sits there - a bottle or a lamp. It is a special bottle, much like those of Arabia with genies in it - with one important difference. The thing that lives in this bottle doesn't grant wishes. Oh, it hears them - it hears each time someone says "I wish". This bottle, people don't want to open... While genies will grant you wealth and dreams, when this bottle is opened things are only taken away.

In this bottle lives a monster with long and terrible claws and fierce green eyes. Each time someone says "I wish" when looking longingly at something he or she doesn't possess, the cap on this bottle becomes a bit looser - and occasionally the monster gets out. He reaches up through the throat of the bottle and claws at the heart as he digs his way out leaving long and lasting scars.

Once this demon monster is out of the bottle a battle of wills ensues - fighting actions we know we will regret later and struggling to return this green eyed monster back to the bottle that holds him. He doesn't always back into his bottle easily - sometimes bits and pieces of him linger, hanging on certain memories... waiting once again for the words that open up that bottle and a chance to rule the will again.

He is also known by another name - Jealousy.