The only way to get to the Mediterranean island of Capri is by sea - ferry or hydrofoil. These are regular trips from from Naples and Sorrento and run many times a day. Prices are in the range of 5-10 US Dollars and last either 80 minutes (from Naples) or 40 minutes (from Sorrento).

"High season" as it is known is the tourist period and lasts from May 1st to September 30th. During this time it is critical to make reservations in advance to be able to get a hotel room. Camping and sleeping outside is prohibited.

In some attempt to distance themselves from the worst of the tourist stereotype, walking around in only a swimming suit (or less) or with loud sandles is prohibited everywhere except the beaches.

There are two main concentrations of buildings: Capri which is located in the narrowest eastern portion where, and Anacapri which is located in the north western portion of the island. The total population is split almost evenly between the two towns (7000 in Anacapri and 8000 in Capri), though this varies significantly with tourist season.

Historically, the island was originally a Greek colony and later became a resort town known as Capreae in the early Roman Empire. Caesar Augustus lived in Capri for a period of time. In the 10th century the population moved from mostly costal villas to more housing further from the shore with the threat of pirate raids. Since 1850, Capri has returned to its status as a tourist resort well known for its mild climate and beautiful scenery.

/--------------\__             ___ 
|                 \__  port   /   \
|                    \_______/     |
\.    Anacapri                     |__
  \.                                 /
    \                  Capri        /
  ._/                              /
 /                        ____    |
/              ^    _   ./    \   /
|                  / \_/       \_/ o
|                 /              o
|___     _____   /               o
   / ___/     \_/                o
  / /
While this map is not to scale (and likely to be a bit distorted depending on your font), realize that this entire area is about 5 square miles. The island is about 4 miles long and varies between 1.6 miles wide and 0.7 miles. The highest point (marked as a '^' above) is Monte Solaro which rises above the sea 589 meters (1932 feet).