Brilliant musical wizard.

Birthdate: August 26, 1968.

Nobukazu Takemura was part of the DJ team Kool Jazz Productions, did samples and scratches for the group Audio Sports, was the producer/flutist/keyboardist for Spiritual Vibes and has released music under the names Nobukazu Takemura, DJ Takemura, DJ Kool Jazz and Child's View. Nobukazu Takemura is also creating the sounds and music for the new AIBOs.

Takemura also runs the record labels Childisc and Idyllic.

Here's a list of Takemura's releases under his own name:

2001 Recursion
2001 Hoshi no koe
2000 Sign
2000 Picnic/Oyasumi
1999 Meteor
1999 Scope
1999 Finale: for issey miyake men by naoki takizawa
1999 Milano: for issey miyake men by naoki takizawa
1997 Child and Magic
1995 Child's View Remix
1994 Child's View
199? For Tomorrow
19?? The Scenery of S.H.

Takemura has done some amazing remixes over the past few years. Here are the tracks I know he has mixed:

Atami - Nightingale
Cold Cut - Noah's Toilet
DJ Cam - Meera
DJ Food - Nevermore
The Dylan Group - Decay
Flare - One Blink
Kyoko Fukada - People
Gota & the Low Dog - Good Time Here
Ice - People, Ride On
Yasushi Ide - Tatiana no namida
Arto Lindsay - Modos
Mice Parade - Mystery Brethren Vironment
Takako Minekawa - Phonoballoon Song
Museum of Plate - Sheep's Symphony no. 5
OOIOO - fossil, inafuku no mori
Pizzicato Five - Magic Carpet Ride
Sangatsu - Modos
Soul Bossa Trio - Ain't No Sunshine
Steve Reich - Proverb
Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag
Sakana - Blind Moon
Silent Poets - Going Home
Skylab - Seashell
Tortoise - TNT
United Future Organization - Sixth Sense
Yo La Tengo - Danelectro 2