A very enjoyable NES cart by Rare from 1988.

You control a speedboat and have to rip through a large variety of action-packed stages (24 in total). You can collect pods to improve your turbo, fire, speed, missile and forcefield. just like in Gradius.

Stages include:

Race to the finish
Race your boat to the finish and collect some pods while other boats crash into you and cannons fire at you. There are alternative exits to these stages so you can choose which order you wish to complete the stages in. Nice!

Collect pods
Bonus stage. Collect as many pods as you can before the time runs out.

Dispose of mines
There are 4 mines guarded by an enemy boat and cannons. You have to take them one at a time to a disposal location.

Reach the finish
Avoid logs, whirlpools, cannonballs and air strikes.

Fry the Monster
You have to fry the big-ass monster before he fries you and before the time runs out.

Shoot the targets
Bonus stage. Shoot all the targets for a 1-UP.

Guard the People
You have to protect 10 floating people from numerous enemy boats and ufos that shoot freeze rays.

Jump the waterfall
You have to jump over waterfalls and avoid nasty whirlpools.