Following Gary Larson's choice to abandon the world of comic strips forever, he travelled to Japan where he began work on an animated Far Side movie. Though it was never completed to the extent that he envisioned it, there exists a rough print of the film which has been bouncing around file-sharing servers ever since. It was sadly abandoned before ever reaching theatres or television, and has been reduced to an obscure collecter's item that few even know exist. It runs at just slightly under 30 minutes, and displays The Far Side in a wholly different context and medium.

The animated presentation is somewhat less effective than the original strip itself, with part of Larson's brilliance being the ability to use only one panel to convey his humour, sometimes even without a caption. The animation style is based on his work, but there are occasions when it is clear that he did not do all the art in the movie. Still, this animated feature remains an exhibititon of superbly bizarre Far Side humour, replete with anthropomorphic fauna and ladies with beehive hair and funny glasses. If you are lucky enough to locate a copy of this movie, do yourself a favour and hang on to it, just for posterity