Drama is petty adults acting like high school kiddies treating people as possesions to further their own wants.

An example: (hypothetical of course)
A young woman is having a good time at a bar with her roommate, starts off innocently enough. This young woman has interest in a charming young man, they are introduced by a wicked witch.

Then, when young woman shows interest in young man (young man showing interest as well), the wicked witch shakes her head at the young woman silently saying "don't you even think about talking to him, he's mine, my possession, my man, my toy" (really they are only friends in young man's eyes).

The wicked witch is too insecure to say it upfront, so she sends an entourage of young bitches (including the young woman's roommate) to confront the young woman by threatening her position in the "bar political society", saying she will never be able to show her face there again if she leaves with the young man.

Young woman abhors drama, does not tolerate being told what to do (she is, afterall an adult, a free thinker and capable of making her own decisions)... She leaves the bar with young man... not once looking back, not caring of the possible negative results of her actions.

Young woman and young man are missing for a night/day/evening, the poor entourage of young bitches begin to worry. Where could they be? Could they be together? Let's find out by calling their apartments 10 times pretending to be worried/concerned, (but their goal was really to try to get information to further the wicked witches agenda).

Young woman and young man vow to use the weapon of silence in all their transactions with the young bitches and the wicked witch. "None of your business" is the answer to all questions.

The young man and woman live happily ever after.
(the end)