Stormhunter and daz eddy make a few good points about both the historical inaccuracies and fairly low quality of writing in the film. Its a feel-good soft-focus sort of thing, and no event in the film really happened, that I know of. Its all similar to real events, but all are tweaked a bit. Make no mistake about the historical veracity of the piece. Still, StormHunter's contention that there was never any racial harmony in SC is ignorant of the facts. Its easy to see, with SC's checkered past and present how you'd assume that, but there have been some suprising elements of racial harmony at different times. Not everyone owned slaves, nor did everyone approved of slavery. Also, while the church burning scene was largely fabricated, it was based not on any NAZI action, but on the actions of a British officer whom Carolinians call "Bloody" Tarleton, for his brutal actions during the revolution. The incident this scene was based on involved the wife and family of an American soldier. The wife refused to reveal the location where her husband was hiding, so he burned the house down, with the woman and her children inside. If it offends the British that we point out that a man who went on to be mayor of Liverpool carried on cranky while he was in our country, well, you survived the Blitz, this ought not crush your national spirit. For more info, I suggest South Carolina: A History by Walter Edgars.