A day spent in Rundle Mall reminds me I am out of form for retail marathons. Our feet slow like spent clockwork. We head to Gouger Street for relief. Shiny wet paving and bright-eyed restaurants, the sounds of massed cutlery wash through a back lane, a tangy hum like a highhat cymbal.

Family around a table reconnecting. BBC, BBQ Pork and Rice, Pork and Bitter Melon, salty-sweet flavours etched clean with Chinese Tea. Then a walk to the Queen's Arms. Nathan is playing Alto Saxophone in a Big Band, Corner Pocket. Rich sounds, chill evening, deep lounge chairs, Shiraz. The Blues call us homewards.

A good event rattled through twitter today; Kate Lundy organising feedback about potential Australian Broadband Network upgrade. Was lovely to see fellow Linux Australia folk participating. #publicsphere
Meanwhile, copyright conversations are ever at cross purposes.

Sleepless again, but closer to peaceful. Hope to plant in the park tomorrow.