Girls don't seem know about this. {In general} But then no-one tells them that from the age of 13ish males have these physical urges that may overwhelm them and cause a constant struggle for most.

One of my boyfriends told me about his feelings about women and how his body made him respond and I still found it hard to believe but - it's true.

Actually the same stuff can happen to women. It happened to me two months ago when I talked to a guy for 30 minutes and
I lost it totally and HAD to have him.

Luckily it was 2000 and I could just say 'Hey. I want you. You are the sexiest male I have met in years. Come here. And, luckily for me. He did.

So maybe the 2000nds will allow all those feeling castrated/or wishing to BE castrated, to feel more free about being human.