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If you want anyone in your [Eddie's Soul Food Cafe|circle of cherished souls] to eat more [broccoli], serve them this. Yes, this will even work on picky third-graders. It is [An easy way to make not-so-good food much better|obscenely easy] to make. If you have any left, it is even better the next day .

What You'll Need

  • [meditations on a bowl of broccoli|Broccoli] -- two big or three medium trees, finely [Chopping broccolil|chopped], [stalk]s, [floret]s [Skinny Legs and All|and] [Leaves of Grass|leaves]. If you can do this in a [food processor], it will shorten the prep time. However, the repetition of hand chopping with a sharp french knife can become quite meditative. Do not use frozen. I've gotten by using just a huge bag of florets, but I feel it misses something in texture.
  • [Short] [pasta] - at least a pound. [Farfalle], [Gemelli chopped salad, corn bisque, Swiss chard|gemelli], [penne] or [conchiglie] are all terrific choices. You want something that will sccop and hold the [Slow-cooked Broccoli with Parmesan|broccoli] mixture.
  • [garlic butter|Garlic] -- five or six (or more!) cloves. Chop them along with the [The broccoli fairy|broccoli].
  • [Extra virgin olive oil] -- 1/2 cup
  • [Kosher salt] and freshly-ground black [pepper]

What You'll Do

Start your water boiling for the pasta. Heat a [wok] or large pan on medium high. Once it is warm, swirl in your olive oil. Allow it to heat up. Test its readiness by flicking in a [pinch] of chopped broccoli. If it quickly sizzles, you are good to go.

If you are chopping with a machine, you can sauté in batches. This is helpful if you are [tag team parenting|time-pressed after-work] home cook. Otherwise, just toss it all in at once and start mixing it all around.

With the [Broccoli and blood oranges|broccoli] in such fine pieces, it takes no time for this to be ready. Mix thoroughly, coating everything evenly and distributing the garlic fairly. Keep moving it around so the garlic doesn't scorch. After about four minutes, sprinkle a little salt and [curb grind|grind] a little pepper. How much? Maybe a smidge over a teaspoon for salt. As for pepper, [motorcycle ride|I always grind] until I can smell it.

Mix a little more, then try a [How to treat a poisonous snake bite|bite]. It should be just right. [Stoic] [broccoli gang bang|broccoli] mellowed by the heated strength of the [Garlic slow cooked in olive oil|garlic], [heightens sensory awareness|flavors heightened] by the oil, [Monkey With Fez Salt and Pepper Shakers|salt and pepper]. [sitophilia|Whew]. Turn off the heat. The pasta should be done by now. Drain it, place it in a large serving bowl, perhaps [drizzle] with a little more [Midnight Oil|oil]. Get [everyone] to the table.

You can serve this two ways. Combine pasta and [Cream of Broccoli Soup|broccoli] in [family style|an enormous bowl and dish it out] from there or [plate] the pasta first and then top with the broccoli, allowing your guests to toss to their liking. In either case, supply lots of [Ozzy Osbourne|asiago] cheese and [french bread].

[Enjoy yourself. This is utmost in importance.|Enjoy].