The current presidential campaign has made me do things I have never done before.

I donated money to Howard Dean's campaign more than once. I wrote letters for him to voters in North Carolina and Wisconsin. I donated money to a website and received an Anyone But Bush T-shirt for Lovey.

Today, I wrote my first letter to the editor. Allow me to share:

To the Editors,


George W. Bush and his backers at the black-tie event with radio and television journalists had a good laugh during a slide show lampooning his failed attempt to find WMD in Iraq. His arrogance and irresponsibility have reached a new low.

The Bush administration based its invasion of Iraq on neutralizing Saddam's WMD. They twisted flimsy evidence to send American troops to war, and the weapons have proven to be phantoms. So far, 585 soldiers have been killed and 3354 have been maimed in a war based on a myth.

So what does Mr. Bush do? He makes a joke of it.

War is the most serious duty a president can assign to his military, the most dire event he can bring to his country. His tasteless actions cheapen the sacrifice troops and their families have made.

Mr. Bush has neither explained nor apologized for his administration's actions leading up to 9/11 and the Iraq war. I doubt he will apologize for this latest proof of unsteady leadership.

Lovejoyman, Orlando, Florida

I would liked to have written more, but I'm aware of editorial page constraints. Why the mainstream media has not pounced on this is beyond me.

Every American should be screaming for impeachment.