Well, my nearly naked all summer long routine is still skinny dipping along, although usually in the wondrous beams of a full moon (no pun intended, really) or the gauzey half-light of dawn. Rarely lately does the sun shine where it normaly doesn't. Alas, I'm still a cottontail.

That may change soon enough. I have 10 days off after Saturday, a vacation I completely forgot I requested. Supervixen reminded me yesterday about it while committing me to one day of garage cleaning during that time:

Isn't it great that after Saturday you'll have ten days off? For one of those days I need you and me, as a team to work on this garage...

Between maintaining two houses (pool cleaning, lawn mowing, tree trimming, general gardening), doing the garage and adjusting ever-so-slowly to my mother-in-law living with us, hopefully I'll be able to slip away for a morning to the local nude beach or at least have a few hours of peace at my own. Alone.

Thankfully, running in the morning guarantees my alone-time fix. Each day adds a few more drops of fitness to a deepening well of endurance. I'm not anywhere near the shape I was in a few years ago, but I've run more in that last week than I have in the past two years combined. At 35 pounds over my racing weight (been powerlifting for the past two years), I'm waiting for something to give, but I've already lost a few lbs., and the miles come easily. I don't know whether I want to run 5Ks or 10Ks or ultramarathons or to even bother with them. Right now, I'm enjoying running every day, contentedly going nowhere. If I finish out the week the way I want to, giving me over 30 miles, I'll reward myself with some new running shoes.

Now that I think about it, I may do it anyway, based upon this morning. As I'm leaving my dark and cluttered bedroom at 5:30, wifey groggily said, "I think I broke the computer. It says to reinstall Windows." This would be OK, except that the CD drive is hosed so I have to fix (probably replace) that first. Then when I get to work, I anxiously open an inter-office envelope containing a letter informing me that I don't have the necessary chops for the network position I applied for. (This is just as well since I'd rather program.)

This just in. My boss told me that I'll have to come in for a half day one of my vacation days to attend a training class.

So it's settled. After class, I'm putting on my new shoes and running my unclothed cottontail on the beach.