My last run in Vancouver was a good one -- farthest and fastest I've done for the 36 minutes while I've been here. Finished with the sun just brushing the sky -- a softened steel blue in the cloud breaks.

The meeting was good -- we did everything we needed to do and everyone left happy. I felt a better part of the team having insightfully contributed. As a newcomer, I was able to add a different perspective to some of the discussions and they said they appreciated that. They are all terrific guys and really welcoming so this is good. Ch_ and I had a chat afterwards, and she said she is confident that I'll do just fine and have my own niche within the group in no time.

Checked my email and answered another K_ running question. All good there. Am not looking forward to packing. I really like it here and wish I could stay. Oh well.

(...later...) I'm writing here in my beloved library. Somehow I will need to find a similar sanctuary once I'm home.

Home -- a strange term recently. I've caught myself calling my apartment home. How can I transfer such an important idea to such a transient location? Is home just wherever I am? If so, I guess I'm lucky in that respect. However, does that mean that my house containing my children and wife is simply a residence unitl I arrive, and my arrival makes it a home? I think it is less egotistical and more nuanced than that.

True, I am certainly comfortable being by myself -- I would make an excellent hermit -- but at the same time I am hollowed in part by not being with my family, my sons especially, despite the static that accompanies any recent interaction with C_. Part of me, a growing part, just wants to stay alone. Here or anywhere. I am happiest in solitude -- on the roads, in the ocean, in an apartment, a crowded sidewalk, at timberline. Finding a hint of that solitude will be the trick when I get back to Orlando.

I called V_ for his birthday and talked to J_ too. I think they miss me -- they both wanted to know when I would be home and each offered an unprompted "I love you". My home is with them, where I can be of use raising them the best way I can. My home is also with my orchids, my garden, the morning coffee, the kitchen. Solitude is necessary, but selfish.

Goodbye, my library. I hope to see you again soon. Oh I do hope so.

Finally at some Asian food -- a wondrous combo of tempura shrimp and veggies (sliced sweet potato and beans), teriyaki chicken, some combo rolls, and miso soup. Bought a beer from the corner store. Dumped trash and recyclings. Did laundry. Packed, sadly. Sadly walked down to the drug store to happily pick up three bags of Clodhoppers to which I am now horribly addicted.

To bed too late. No writing for the book today. Kicking myself although I've worked on it almost every day since I've been here.

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