Enjoying a wonderful chicken salad on fresh herb panini here at the Edge Cafe -- had an apple-bran muffin and americano from there this morning -- equally awesome. Worked on articles all morning and in to the afternoon -- trying not to make the same mistakes but realizing there are no hard/fast rules and that everything just depends (wow -- sounds like real life). But after a review, I got three of them published. Just anxious as to when I can get these done on my own without having them checked. I want to be a help, not a hindrance.

Have emailed K_ back about her running schedule/routine/regimen/whatever -- trying to help her get in shape for a half marathon at the end of the year. I know she'll do well because she's extremely determined and pretty much type A -- which is why I'll make sure she doesn't make the same mistakes that I've made. Not that I'm type A (far from it!!) -- just an imbecile.

A beautiful day here -- can see the mountains -- wish I could run there.

The rest op the day was fine -- a little frustrating with work, but it ended better. I'm having a bit of concern wondering where I will fit with the team. Time and ability will carve a spot, I guess. Our daylong meeting tomorrow should help.

Finally got souvenirs for the boys: Vancouver Whitecaps hat for J_, Vancouver shirts for C_ and V_, a stuffed reindeer with the Canucks logo stitched on it for M_ and some kickass coffee for G_. I guess I could have gotten them sooner, but I stumbled in to the right store, I guess.

Ate too much pasta for dinner.

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