The alarm went off at 6a, and I snoozed it twice. Rain against the window. It seemed to take longer than normal to get ready for my run. The bed was an octopus pulling me back, but I managed to get out the door and start in the rain. A good run anyway, maybe my fastest while I've been here. I was pretty soaked by the end of it, but I finished strong.

A quick shower and breakfast and then to the office by 8a. T_ and I went over some articles. I'm mostly tripping up on inhouse formatting and style. He said it is nothing major and that everything I'm doing is great.

At lunch I retraced my steps of the last three days, visiting every place I've been -- looking for my driver's license. When no one from any of the six places I had been to had it, I ordered another one. I hate paying money for my stupidity, but oh well.

I'm just glad I didn't lose my passport.

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