Another terrific run in the rain/sleet/snow. A good class today too, and I didn't feel like an idiot. Bought and wrote postcards to the boys at lunch. Mailed them after work. Am now here in this wonderful library taking a break from writing.

This is definitely how my days would go were I suddenly to be alone. Wake up > run > work > write > sleep. It's 8:45p at home: M_ is asleep (hopefully), the boys are playing nicely, homework done (also hopefully), C_ most likely at Italian class or something. I am probably not missed. Maybe the boys miss me. Maybe.

The weekend is coming up, and I hope it snows. I will not call anyone. I plan to run and write and read all weekend -- perhaps do a little sightseeing if it is walking weather. If it is not something I can write off on my expenses, I won't do it. As much as I would like to go to the mountains, I don't think I could enjoy it knowing the cost. Oh well.

I'll finally meet my new team next week. If I can, I'll pop in before my one class on Monday just to say hi. Next week should be interesting. I don't know whether I'll want to leave or not.

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