Run -- 36 minutes along the seawall in snow/sleet/slush. Wonderful run! Have never run in the snow before. Now that I think about it, I've never run in another country before, either. Wow -- two firsts in one morning. Felt great the whole way and didn't get lost (that was a big worry, but as long as I keep the BC Place on my right coming back, I'll be OK).

Have to send postcards to the boys and Mom. Need to tell the boys that Vancouver at night looks like Metro City in SSX 3. Bought a six of Molson's Canadian from the corner store -- I told the old guy there (the owner?) that I was from Florida and wanted something local and he said this was "a real Canadian beer."

Walked for a while up and down Robson. Very shoppy -- little stores and restaurants everywhere along with some upscale stores. A Starbucks on every corner -- sometimes on opposite corners and always busy. Finally got some Candian money when I got change from buying a few slices of pizza from around the corner. I need to keep a better eye out for those Visa stickers. Forgot the receipt too. Came back to the apartment.

The thing that is most troubling about the end of the day is having no one to share it with. I know I am somewhat of a recluse/hermit, but the sudden switch to solo in a few time zones away from the cramped craziness at home gives me the emotional bends. However, I know that I could be fine by myself. I would have to be, wouldn't I? My days would take on a swift routine where I would not concern myslef with much other than work > running > writing > yoga.

In my walk down Robson, I noticed that Vancouver must be the arm-in-armiest, hand-holdingest place I've ever been. And that's delightful. I'm envious.

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