Going to Kevin's

Characters: Two boys ages six or less.

Opening Scene: One boy (Boy #1)squatting center stage, looking intensely at something on the ground. Another boy (Boy #2) comes in from stage left, walking slowly, wheeling a bicycle.

Boy_2: Whatcha lookin' at?

Boy_1: Bug. A little shiny black one. I followed it all the way down the sidewalk to here.

Boy_2: What's it doing now?

Boy_1: I think it's resting. That was a long walk for a bug.

Three second pause.

Boy_2: It hasn't moved in a while.

Boy_1: It's a really pretty bug. See? It's black and shiny and purple and has many busy legs.

Boy_2: They're not very busy now.

Boy_1: He was looking for food for his family -- like going to work. He had to go a long way for them. Like going to work like my Daddy.

Boy_2: He's not moving.

Boy_1: My Daddy comes home every night.

Boy_2: I think he's dead.

Boy_1: (startled) What?

Boy_2: The bug. I think it's dead.

Boy_1 pokes lightly, gently at the bug

Boy_1: I think he's gone to Kevin's.

Boy_2: Where?

Boy_1: Kevin's. I heard my Mom and Dad talking about when my sister died before I was born and they said she'd gone up to Kevin's. They said its a happy place.

Boy_2: You want to bury the bug?

Boy_1: (standing) No. A bird can eat him.

Boy_2: (walking offstage right with Boy_1) Wanna ride bikes?

Boy_1: Sure. Let's go to my house to get mine.


This is based on a conversation I overheard between my son and his cousin several years ago.