A few random thoughts since I've been up since 1:35 a.m. EST and my brain is useful for not much else.


What to do with annoying people: It is helpful to remember at times that everyone at one time was a child. They played with their favorite toys and lost themselves in imaginary universes. They had a Mom and Dad who (hopefully) loved them and thought they were precious beyond definition. They may have brothers and sisters who look up to them or who they love deeply. Cut them some slack. At the very least, just ignore them.

The fact that I just wrote that astounds me since almost everyone pisses me off.


The belly fairy has been visiting me more than usual lately, depositing globs of fat around my middle. I am not yet unsightly, but I should not be suprised. I've been powerlifting steadily for almost two years and running little. My diet consists of substantial portions of wholesome food with an emphasis on meat and dairy products.

In a brief fit of overreacting at about 3:16 a.m. I thought about selling the weights and just rely on running and yoga. Then I remembered what my niece Nicolette said a few days ago while I was moving some heavy boxes at TinyGranny's house, "Look at Uncle Lovejoyman, he doesn't need any help. He's a beast!"

An ego stroke, I know, but I take 'em where I can get 'em. Besides, I've put on about 30 pounds of muscle, and approaching geezerdom, I'm stronger than I've ever been in my entire life. The body I had as a marathon runner has vanished, replaced by one resembling a middle linebacker.

"Lighten up, you pansy," Supervixen said. "You have a figure better than most men anywhere."

She said "figure" because she's a loon and knew it wouldn't be as complimentary as "body". But getting a compliment from her is like dynamiting gold from pickles so I was pleased that she noticed.

She then traced a nail down my spine in the valley made by my erector spinae all the way to my butt-crack and set a play date for later.

Note to self: continue lifting, continue eating, just run more.


My favorite book at the moment is C for Dummies: Volume Two. A refresher course since I've never coded for a living, am mostly self-taught, and I might actually get a job doing this. Another dream come true. Really.


I miss football season. This is made harsher since my team won the Super Bowl. Arena football helps a little. I try to get my boys to toss the ball with me, run some routes on the front yard.

"Ok, sprint toward the sidewalk, then cut to your right. I'll hit you by the azaleas. On three. Ready, break."

"Daddy, can we just play soccer?"