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Until I am more at home in this unfamiliar atmosphere, this space will be used to let interested parties know why I came to be a part of E2.

First, I am treating this as a trial experience. Given my distaste for committed circumstances, this may work out, or it may not. If I suddenly disappear one day, don't take it personally.

Second, I came to E2 because there is a public intolerance of true dialectic. Too many people have been subjected or subjected themselves to modern-day therapy or counseling or the like, and as a result, are unable to respond to pertinent, thoughtful ideas that do not much resemble their own. They would prefer to have another spew back their ideas as validation that they have been heard and for the ever so popular sense of comradeship.

I have considered the possibility that part of the problem may have to do with the quality of people I associate with. This is true, in part, because it is hard to find available souls who have not been through some sort of therapy. However, these are intuitive, insightful, intelligent people. Unfortunately, they have been convinced that if another is not in agreement with them, then they are wrong. In addition, if they are wrong, then they have done something to deserve to be wrong or something has happened to them to only make them THINK that they are wrong. Further, if this is true, they must root out the problem that is causing them to be wrong, own it, blame it, project it, or therapize it into a permanent fixture in their lives. Apparently, this feels much better than expounding on a point that is worthy of discussion, or saying "fuck you" if something truly pisses you off, or any other of the alternatively appropriate ways to respond in an intellectual conversation. Has independent thinking ceased at this point? Are these people walking around like deer in the headlights of social interaction?

Or, maybe I treat every conversation as an opportunity for dialectic. I have been told that that puts people off.

In the end, I have concluded that we are not in the process of evolution at all. Neither are we waiting around for heaven to open it's gates and welcome us home. Living things exist because matter accumulated the way it did, by accident or by luck, and somehow we came to be able to think intellectually. Once this happened, when we became socialized, the process of "evolution" stopped. The human animal is an incredibly confused lot, having been socialized and re-socialized by fear and media and various other factors. Is it any surprise that we are headed toward a culture that no longer thinks originally, but actually believes what is on TV or in the newspapers or online? I do not want to live to see the place where stock answers are generated by historical inadequacies.

I am less afraid of war than I am of media-induced mass-hysteria. More frightening is the possibility that free thought will become a legend, much like the letter becoming nearly obsolete in favor of telephone correspondence or email or instant messaging. Who will need to think?

I digress!