A two-way county road on the northern Florida Panhandle between Panama City Beach and Destin. SR 30-A goes parallel to the Emerald Coast for approximately 20 miles.

The area is quiet with a small permanent population and is a popular vacation destination for families from Texas to the Carolinas. Towns along 30-A include Blue Mountain, Grayton Beach, Seaside, and the new Rosemary Beach. Most houses are built out of stucco or have wood panels with traditional seafront architecture and coloring (pastels).

Off 30-A is the Port Washington State Park. The Grayton Beach Camping Grounds are also a treat, offering some of the best facilities for public campgrounds in the region. Large tracts of the dunes have been place under conservation protection, although land developers and government officials seem to be oblivious to this.

Farther west off 30-A is the coastal library, provider of entertainement. You need not live in the county (or Florida for that matter) to a library card there. The bookmobile reportedly comes around to Grayton Beach and Seaside once a week, but I have seen it but once.

30-A lies at sea level and is flat as the rest of Florida for its duration. The route is a popular destination for road cyclists due to its topographical monotony, the scenery, the bicycle paths and widened roads. Going east, you will dead end and, if you go right, you have 36 miles to PCB. There is a wonderful farm stand at the junction during the summer. I suggest tryng one of their watermelons or the corn. Going west you will dead and, and, if you turn left, you will be on your way to Destin (if you turn right you'll eventually end up in PCB).