Today is a One Dollar Day.

I have an insurmountable amount of items to clear through the warehouse. Fifty percent of it will be trashed due to wear and tear or just the fact that is not worth wasting space on object x. It doesn't stop coming. Someone opened the damned dam of donations and it's closer to raw sewage.

We're here to give y'all a good deal. I have not been in the mood to give more than 10 seconds to each item and the items don't deserve more than that. This has lead to a large number of dollar items. There are some $2 sprinkled about and the rare $10, but I'm just going through people's garage clutter, zapping their worth (do plates have self-esteem?) and putting aside anything of market value for the pros.

Also, I am just not in the mood. The volunteer who is supposed to be pricing these items has not shown up in a while. When she does, she goes into a vitriolic akin to a Baptist preacher if anyone else gets their paws on her housewares. Sorry, honey, but I ain't waitin' no longer.

By 10 am, I am sweating. The sweat flows into the small of my back, rolling downward, downward. There is a sexiness to this (can you say Flashdance?:)), irritating as I am forced to focus harder on the task at hand.

Today is the middle of an E2 Rut.

I started off so well. Now I am fumbling about with lack of discretion, editing, emotion, and talent, or so it seems. What is going on? Perhaps I am rushing myself to get to level 3. I need to slow down, do more research, and enjoy this more. Sometimes I am trying to hard and it comes off as a poor reflection of myself.

- deep, rib expanding breath -

Back to it. It's like cutting off the heads that constantly regrow from a mythological beast (Hydra?).

10:28 PM, EST

My school books arrived today. I bought them used and were in very satisfactory condition. Now I have another book to add to my Java collection. The book on logic was just lovely and reminded me of Godel Escher Bach. The so-called college level book for philosophy is the type of material I used between 7th and 9th grade. The calc. book is the next edition of the one I used last year at school, so thumbs up there.

I keep on trying to fight the prejudices towards the public school system that grew over years of being in private institutions, but stuff like this just slaughters me. After knowing many incredibly smart kids who flourished in public high schools, I have come to believe that they would have done magnificently no matter where they were. Like my friend whose school had little or no substance in the writing and composition department at her local school; she still slays 90% of other college-age kids. It's innate. There are kids from my old dorm who could run circles around you even though they never had a firm grounding in grammar or paltry excuses for science courses. I myself had a poor excuse for reality until I got to college and I'm doing quite alright, thank you.

Perhaps one of the best proofs of this is Ramanujan. QED.