Dreamt between the hours of 6 pm and 10:50 pm, EST:

In a city, walking down a street that I don't actually see, but I know it's a street because I can sense the flying rats, the skyscrapers, the passerbys. Actually, I see some pigeons, flying and pecking about. It is quiet besides the white noise distinct to cities and it's boroughs. We're not in the heart of downtown, but rather in a commecial/residential area, kind of like Lincoln Ave in Chicago.

I walk by some wrought iron tables and chairs, reminiscent of an outdoor setting of a cafe or bistro. I do not know if the restaurant is even there, but the few chairs and table are. They are on concrete, there is a concrete corner behind the chairs, along with the average amount of crumpled papers, bent straws, and crumbs. The city is the gray of the concrete and the table and chairs are black.

The weather is in the 70s, very little wind, and mostly cloudy (I never saw the sky. I only know this because of how things appeared on the ground). In fact, I do not remember any shadows, so perhaps it was near midday.

Giving a fleeting glance to the concrete corner, I notice something out of the ordinary. It is a Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot lying in distress. The bird must have somehow flew out of a window or door or was blown away by a slight breeze. It is lying on its right side. I go over and discover that it is choking on a plastic wrapper. I do not know how it got this wrapper.

I gently remove the wrapper from its mouth and pick it up. The feathers on its lower belly have been plucked and the skin is visible, a sign of psychological distress due to abuse or neglect. Also, a lot of its under feathers, or "down", are sticking out on the back of its head at the base of the neck. There are no more abnormalities that I notice.

I take the bird home and am very upset that this bird has been lost or released, for it has no way of surviving in this concrete jungle. The bird heels slowly and I try and introduce it to my blue front. They do not take kindly to each at first, my first bird feeling that his territory has been invaded and the rescued bird probably just trying to get back to normal. The rescued bird's feathers have grown back and its coloring is brighter with proper feeding and environment.

And then I woke up and wanted to see how the new bird was doing. My dreams are so realistic or close to reality that I can hardly differentiate between the two.