Thanks, clockmaker, for this! But I am here to argue this point!

I shall start with Xena: Warrior Princess. Totally not an asshole. Maybe she was while she was still a warlord, but once she turned away from that path and started fighting against the warlords, totally no longer an asshole. Even while dealing with Gabrielle, Hercules, and even Joxer the Mighty. Xena stays super awesome. Maybe not wholesome, but awesome - and not an asshole.

Next, speaking of wholesome, lets discuss Mary Poppins. She is a champion for the kids, she flies, she turns sidewalk chalk art into live art! She has a clear sense of boundaries, and is totally not an asshole. Definition of wholesome hero right there.

Ant-Man - he's just a dork and a super hero. He's also a nice guy. Not an asshole.

Wonder Woman is another example of bad-ass, non-asshole hero!

How about Maria from The Sound of Music? She changed the lives of that family, and she defied the fucking nazis!! Not an asshole, total hero!!

We all know Keanu Reeves is a hero, and not an asshole.

Let's not forget the USA's national treasure, Dolly Parton - also a hero, not an asshole.

I think that's enough for now