You’re so stupid.

I don’t know why you think I love you.

I’ve been waiting all day for you to call, why haven’t you called.

Don’t you know (I’ve told you, haven’t I ? )

I don’t breathe until I hear from you—my breathing might drown you out, it drowns me out—that’s why I’m always breathless when you call.

You thought it was because I loved you, because I needed you.  There’s only one thing I want or need from you.  You think it’s love.  I’ve always been smarter than you—where are you ?

Don’t you know I don’t exist without you.

I can be anything you need me to be.

Just don’t go, and don’t stay either—I’ll hate you if you stay. 

I have to stay, and I hate me for it. 

I love you.

You're so stupid.

Don't you know you don't exist without me.

That’s why I’m always breathless when you call.